Kevin Stone, Metal Sculptor

Creating awe-inspiring, larger-than-life artworks that push the boundaries of imagination.

Unveiling the Beauty of Nature with Metal

Kevin Stone, a globally recognized Metal Artist, operates out of the scenic desert landscape of Las Vegas Nevada. His specialization lies in creating large-scale, unique, three-dimensional sculptures crafted from stainless steel. Over time, Kevin has garnered a strong reputation for creating intricate, exquisite stainless steel masterpieces, catering to an increasing international client base. He thrives on the creative challenge each new piece brings and is constantly open to translating someone's vision into reality. The sculptures I create are intended to capture attention, evoke emotions, encourage contemplation and conversation, make a bold statement, enhance the beauty and style of their surroundings, and serve as striking focal points.


Unleashing Emotions Through Extraordinary Metal Sculptures

Kevin has developed a reputation for producing exquisite, highly detailed, stainless steel masterpieces for a growing international clientele. He enjoys the artistic challenge presented with each new piece, and is always interested in bringing someone’s vision to life.

Family Business

Teamwork makes the dream work

Michelle and Kevin Stone are a dynamic duo in the world of metal sculpture. Together, they blend their unique skills and perspectives to create stunning metal artworks. Their work is a testament to their shared passion for art and their ability to harmonize their talents to create something truly extraordinary.


Find answers to common questions about Kevin Stone's work, the commission process, and purchasing or exhibiting his sculptures.

How can I commission a sculpture?

To commission a sculpture by Kevin Stone, please contact us with your specific requirements and we will guide you through the process.

What materials does he use?

Kevin Stone primarily works with metal, creating stunning sculptures using steel and aluminum.

How long does it take to create a sculpture?

The time to create a sculpture varies based on the complexity and size of the piece. Custom sculpture timelines can be discussed during the commissioning process.

Where can I view Kevin Stone’s sculptures?

Kevin's sculptures are displayed in various locations globally. Please check out his Projects page for more info.

What is his artistic style?

Kevin Stone's artistic style is characterized by bold and dynamic forms, including animals, mythical creatures, and figures resembling public personalities.

Want to learn more?

Feel free to contact us for more information.

"The sculptures I create are intended to command attention, evoke emotion, inspire contemplation and dialogue, make a bold statement, enhance the aesthetic appeal of their surroundings, and serve as a captivating centerpiece."
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