Ignite Your Imagination with Kevin Stone's Metal Sculptures

Kevin Stone creates one-of-a-kind metal sculptures. He uses his artistic skills to bring your ideas to life. Whether it's a big project or a custom piece, his work will definitely impress you.

Custom Work

Commission Your Own Unique Metal Sculpture

Kevin Stone and his team specialize in creating remarkable metal sculptures. They work closely with clients to bring their vision to reality, paying close attention to every detail. Their aim is to exceed expectations and produce art that makes a bold statement, from beginning to end.


Creating Impactful Public Art Installations

We specialize in collaborating with communities and organizations to bring their vision to life through large scale metal sculptures. With his expertise and passion for creating impactful public art installations, Kevin's work has the power to transform spaces and inspire audiences.

Creating Extraordinary Metal Sculptures

Our Services


Work closely with Kevin Stone to conceptualize and refine your sculpture design.


Watch as Kevin brings your design to life through meticulous metal fabrication.


Leave the transportation and installation of your sculpture in Kevin's capable hands. We handle everything from trucks to cranes.


Kevin will personally oversee the installation of your sculpture for a flawless finish.

"The sculptures I create are intended to command attention, evoke emotion, inspire contemplation and dialogue, make a bold statement, enhance the aesthetic appeal of their surroundings, and serve as a captivating centerpiece."
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