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Drogon is 55ft long and 30ft tall when fully assembled with a 45 ft wide stance at the wings. He weighs a whopping 15000lbs. and is fitted with an internal propane fire puffer system to shoot a 20ft fireballs from his mouth.


A towering 35ft tall, 50ft long mirror Polished stainless steel T-Rex. Alice was a two-year project that took Kevin and his wife Michelle along with two employees working full time to complete.

Dollywood Fireplace

Large fire screen with doors. A charming depiction of Dolly Parton as a child, seated beneath an oak tree adorned with beautiful butterflies, all crafted by Kevin using hand-formed and aged-looking steel

Elon Musk

Pearl of the Ocean

This 25ft tall abstract spiral sculpture, crafted from polished stainless steel, features a 48 inch ball painted in pearlescent color-shifting paint.

Black Hawk

Dollywood Eagle

A 56-foot, 12,000 pound mascot for Dollywood's winged roller-coaster, the Wild Eagle.

Water Dragon

A double coiling dragon, in mirror-polish stainless steel with an over all length of 35ft and standing 12ft tall at the head and tail. Total body length including coils almost 85ft.

Power of Flight

This large-scale, mirror-polished, stainless steel sculpture has an impressive 41’ wingspan, which is gracefully spread to full capacity, as the eagle is taking off in flight.

Harley Eagle

With an attacking pose and stainless steel head and tail feathers this eagle has a 12 ft wingspan and a metal base.

Ikonick Falcon

Falcon with 30 foot wingspan weighing 4000lbs.

Power and Authority

20’ high sculpture, with a 31’ wingspan, the beauty and detail of this piece is unparalleled, and is realistic in detail from every angle.

Challenger Eagle

Kevin's "Challenger" sculpture is an 18-foot wingtip to wingtip and resides at their new 60-acre Habitat just completed in Kodak.


Standing 12-feet tall the pole represents a souls journey through life.

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"The sculptures I create are intended to command attention, evoke emotion, inspire contemplation and dialogue, make a bold statement, enhance the aesthetic appeal of their surroundings, and serve as a captivating centerpiece."
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