A towering 35ft tall, 50ft long mirror Polished stainless steel T-Rex. Alice was a two-year project that took Kevin and his wife Michelle along with two employees working full time to complete.
Penticton, BC
Stainless Steel

About the Work

In the year 2021, I had the pleasure of being approached by a businessman residing in the Cayman Islands. He had previously witnessed the stainless falcon I had sold to an upscale gallery in Miami and was captivated by its polished finish. His aspiration was to possess a colossal 'chrome' polished stainless steel T-Rex, which possessed the same reflective charm as the Falcon. He also wanted it to be a larger-than-life representation. Acknowledging the potential of such a project, we promptly formulated a contract and initiated the work.

The outcome of our effort is "Alice", a colossal T-Rex sculpture made of mirror-polished stainless steel. Standing at an impressive 35 feet tall and extending 50 feet in length, Alice was a laborious project of two years. My wife Michelle and I, along with two dedicated employees, invested our full-time efforts to bring Alice to life.

Upon completion, Alice was relocated from our fabrication workshop, then situated in Chilliwack BC, to her permanent residence by the lake in Penticton BC. Currently, she adorns the Eden Park Lake house (Air BNB).

Alice is not just a private marvel but also a public spectacle. She can be viewed by the public via the KVR trail along the Okanagan Lake. A brief 10-minute walk up the trail from Vancouver Ave in Penticton BC will lead you to this magnificent work of art.

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