Drogon is 55ft long and 30ft tall when fully assembled with a 45 ft wide stance at the wings. He weighs a whopping 15000lbs. and is fitted with an internal propane fire puffer system to shoot a 20ft fireballs from his mouth.
Utah, USA
Heat Treated Mild Steel

About the Work

Drogon, a character from the highly acclaimed television series "Game of Thrones", is renowned as the most prominent and favored among the three fire-breathing dragons introduced in the first season. The inception of Kevin's Drogon sculpture traces back to a client's visit to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It was there that the client discovered Kevin's 50ft Wild Eagle sculpture, strategically placed at the Wild Eagle roller coaster's location in the park. The sculpture, serving as the mascot for the roller coaster since 2011, was a collaborative installation by Kevin and his wife, Michelle. While his children enjoyed the roller coaster ride, the client reached out to Kevin with an inquiry about creating another eagle sculpture. Their conversation evolved into Kevin offering to design any sculpture the client desired. Recognizing the opportunity for a more unique concept, the client chose Drogon, influenced by his fondness for the "Game of Thrones" series. Without any hesitation, Kevin agreed to this venture, excited by the prospect of crafting a sculpture he had long desired to create – a winged, fire-breathing dragon.

The creation of Drogon demanded a dedicated two-year period from Kevin and Michelle. When fully assembled, Drogon measures an impressive 55ft in length, stands 30ft tall, and boasts a 45ft wide stance at the wings. Crafted from 18ga heat-treated mild steel, Drogon weighs a substantial 15000lbs and is coated in a protective clear layer. A unique feature of the sculpture is its internal propane fire puffer system, which allows it to emit 20ft fireballs from its mouth at the press of a key fob button.

Upon completion, Drogon was transported to the client's private residence nestled in the hills of Utah, which continues to be its home.

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